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Where a previous provider struggled for 4 months do provide us with the Indian T24 consultant they had proposed to us (and did not succeed), Compass was able to propose us a series of good candidates, and delivered them to our project in record time.!


Member of NICCT

Member of the Netherlands-India Chamber of Commerce and Trade
Accredited as 'Recognised Sponsor' to the Dutch Highly Skilled Migrant program (Kennismigrantenregeling)

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Compass eXperts & eXpats is an independent supplier of expert-quality services from, for, and by highly skilled expats.

Compass recognizes the scarcity of specialized IT experts and the hurdle for foreign IT service suppliers in international geographic distances, immigration rules, employment legislation, work permits and cultural differences.

Compass is specialized in services around the market leading core banking software solutions such as Temenos' Globus/T24 and ORACLE's FLEXCUBE.

With up to 10 years of experience in full-service expat HR management and an extensive network of liaisons of the world's strongest IT service providing companies and financial institutions, is Compass Consulting your ideal partner for strengthening your projects with international Experts.

We can help you by finding a solution for your expat problem. Choose one of the above possibilities and read what Compass eXperts & eXpats can do for you in e.g. employment legislation, work permits etc.
Or contact us directly for a personal advice.